3535 Cavities ALN

Product Category:Ceramic Thin Film Substrate(DPC)

  1. Metol Double Face ALN
  2. Front: Copper 65±15um
  3. Back: Copper 165±15um with Soldermask (Green)
  4. ENEPIG: Ni 3um,Pd0.05um,Gold≥0.05um.
  5. Copper Plating Cavity: 0.4mm+0.2mm(dam) = 0.6±0.05mm
  6. Thickness:  0.73±0.05mm(Not inclduing plating cavities)
  7. None Pre Cut
  8. Yield ≥ 92%
  9. 54.41 x 54.41mm / 144 PCS
  10. DicingSaw By 0.25mm

Modify the date:2018-12-05

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